Apple Care Box

Apple Care Box

This post deals with the concept of insurance, and how it manifests itself physically.  In an age where numbers have more value than objects, it seems fitting that the number must be “wrapped” in a box to provide  physical housing to an otherwise immaterial and vague concept.  This fact is not lost on the marketing people at Apple, or Progressive; as at the end of the day people still need something to walk away with, something that they can touch.  These products also provide a glimpse into another disturbing trend in which information is becoming the basis for existence, and little or nothing takes pure physical form anymore.  Physicality is now of the utmost importance, as it keeps us “grounded” and aware in a world dominated by spinning drives which hold all of our information and ideas.  It is here that we will come back to the concept of insurance, and how it functions (or doesn’t) in the case of virtual objects.  Insurance requires some form of physicality to measure against, as the payoff is based on the initial value of the object under consideration, but how do we assign value to our drives and servers, our information, and in some ways our existence.  Lastly, I will leave you with this, if these hollow boxes attempt to describe a state of strength for the insurance industry, how can we manifest our existence  in a similar way, representing its essence in neat box.


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