Moment of Clarity

I recently attended an excellent discussion between Mark Wigley and Peter Eisenman, tow giants of architectural theory. The discussion was fruitful, as they touched on subjects ranging from Subversion of the Situationist to the pitfalls of the American system of land development. It is the situationist which I find of particular interest, as they engaged in dérive, a way of psycho-mapping the city, by taking drugs, and stumbling around Paris to find places of emotional meaning, which often times differed drastically form the traditional landmarks which dot the city. In so doing, they intentionally lost focus, so that only moments of true clarity shine through. Alcoholics also know this term, as it is the moment that they see things clearly for the first time, having been otherwise blinded by their illness. This line of thinking represents the new paradigm in which the world is seen as a collection of moments, or memories which have a particular clarity within the vagueness of life.


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