monum-1aTrue architecture lacks program, it is merely a well conceived container, which people will put to work in the fashions of the day.  Today’s economic woes have created the opportunity add to the rich history of spectacle that great works of architecture provide.  Construction is the great generator in times of economic woe. Many of the world’s post card images are the result of structures which have no inherent use, yet they create a destination, and in doing so activate space.  Tall structures like the Eiffel Tower, the Seatle Space Needle, and the Berlin Fernsehturm are all examples of lean structures initially used as broadcast towers, and perhaps still, yet much more popular as tourist destinations, to the point that they could be created for this alone.  In doing so we are building for the spectacle of sight, not the comforts of living, or working; allowing these structures to reach for the skies without fear of economic consequences.  This condition exists now, and perhaps only now, as the economy has been weakened to point of opportunity.


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