Critical Mass

Allow me to speak rhetorically for a moment.  At what point is it decided that a society has amassed enough knowledge, or artifacts, that it requires a building to house these goods?  At the point of transferal, how is perception of the object changed?  Lastly, if there is a critical point after which knowledge, specifically the physical manifestation of that knowledge needs to be maintained, is the opposite also true: is there a point that the overwhelming amount of important objects renders the museum as trivial?

The first and last questions are open ended.  The second, though, is related to the everyday value that we attribute to objects, specifically the idea of hype in popular culture.  Excuse me for my cynicism, but what is good art, or architecture, but the result of good marketing?  Perhaps it is not related to good in the present sense of the word, but rather as a proper means of expressing the culture of a time.  Time it seems though is speeding up, as culture becomes increasingly continuous.  One need only look to the relatively indistinguishable nature of 90’s music.  I leave you then with another open ended question: how will the museum of the future, if there is such a thing, manifest itself as it tackles the issue of partitioning space to show a period of  continuum.


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