Homo Praeter

In our late-capitalist, “post-“everything world, the only infrastructural constant is the the means of exchange in which you are currently participating.  However, this modality, unlike the interstate highway system, the framework which preceded it, is not bound to a linear growth pattern.  It is enabled by its virtual character to spread in any direction at once, to grow spontaneously, and without bound.  Given the boundless enthusiasm that such a mechanism no doubt engenders, it is not without a sense of irony that we consider the volatile nature of this network.  The nature of the network, and perhaps this argument, is quite cerebral in the disconnected sense of the word.  It is entirely electrically dependent, theoretically able to be turned off, unlike the tactility of the every day.  This physicality begs the question:  Are the devices we design for interaction with the network the last remnants of the physical world?


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